Watchdog Timer in Industrial Router


What Is Watchdog Timer?

The watchdog timer is a built-in hardware or software used to watch over the operation of the system, helping detect and recover from the computing malfunctions. It is designed to automatically restore the system to normal working status without any human intervention when there’s any hardware fault or program error happened. For example, when system is running, the hardware watchdog will start to count times and monitor the operation of the main program and be periodically reset by the system. However, if the system fails to reset the watchdog because of program errors, the watchdog will generate a timeout signal and initiate corrective action to restore system to normal operation.


Why Watchdog Is So Important?

The watchdog timer provides ability to guard against certain types of system hangs. It is able to identify software freezes within just a few milliseconds and reset the system appropriately, preventing further system failure. This functionality is especially necessary in remote system where manually resetting the system isn’t practical or technicians would be unable to react to faults in a timely manner. It needs to be self-reliant. Under this situation, its importance in maintaining the reliability of systems cannot be overstated.


How Does It Work in Milesight Industrial Router?

Milesight industrial cellular router features both internal hardware and software watchdog. This component oversees the operation of the router’s processor and improve system reliability. During normal operation, the processor will send signal to the watchdog regularly to reset the timer. If the timer is failed to be refreshed, it will elapse the process and send out a timeout signal to reboot router and lead to an always-online network strategy.


Milesight Industrial Router - Watchdog Software & Hardware Featured


What Are the Advantages of Watchdog Timer?

  1. Resets automatically without human intervention.
  2. Detects the errors in the program and reboot the system.
  3. Saves the time and money.
  4. Increases the system performanceand reliability
  5. Your always-online network strategy

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