Water Leak Sensors Deployed to Save the Computer Center from Potentially Catastrophic Water Immersion

Water leak sensors mean a lot for a computer center, given the hidden threat water damage poses. Nowadays, the leaking system has been widely deployed in computer centers of commercial buildings, as it is so important to protect the valuable assets by getting the notification timely and precise. Since the water leakage can come from the water pipes, air conditioning units, or even groundwater system, you need to well prepare for its intrusion - A smart water-leak sensor will definitely decrease the influence of incidents by alerting you as quickly as when the water is detected, allowing countermeasures to be introduced immediately.

There are many types of water leaking detection methods in the market, such as the listening method, ground-penetrating radar method, and sound vibration method. And those traditional methods have their own disadvantages.


  • Sensor measurement is a manual operation, which means the risk of error in data
  • Sensors are difficult to install in the field with the ground disruption and maintain them remotely
  • Sensors are much higher in price than the LoRaWAN® sensor
Featured Product

The Milesight water leak sensor EM300-SLD is an electrode type water immersion sensor or the contact type water immersion detector that is based on the principle of liquid conduction, coming with high sensitivity, flexibility, and simple maintenance.

Catching leaks right away and saving your computer center from water damage, the Milesight EM300-SLD sensor is supremely effective at alerting you when the water level up to 0.5mm. Receive an immediate alert on the smartphone at the first sign of a leak with the Milesight IoT Cloud App, you will have much time to make a response and right decision.

    • EM300-SLD Water Leakage LoRaWAN® Sensor

It does work with the Milesight IoT Cloud platform—a smart LoRaWAN® based application server, where you can trigger commands to the LoRaWAN® based water valve that can turn off your water service if it detects a potentially catastrophic water immersion.



The sensor with two sensing probes can be fixed on the wall by the screws or 3M adhesives and vertically face down toward the floor. The places below the computer-room air-handlers (CRAHs) and the lowest terrain point are the ideal positions to deploy the sensors. Moreover, the areas where the water supply and return lines are routed deserve your attention as well.

Each leakage is detected with millimeter accuracy and reported directly in the monitoring system. The sensor cable can be extended at will, which means the sensor can place at any corner and the transceiver EM300 can install outside for signal strength.

When the water level reaches up to 0.5mm, the sensor will report to the gateway and trigger the condition in Milesight IoT Cloud to send an alarm notification to your phone.


Fields of applications

  • Centers: computer & data centers, air-conditioning, and heating centers
  • Critical assets storage & displaying places: libraries, museums, book stores
  • Surfaces: double floors above or below computer equipment
Benefits Field Proven and Reliable Design

With the built-in battery, it is easy to place without having to worry about an electrical outlet.

Fast Detection

The two sensing probes on the bottom of the device detect the water leakage at the moment

Accuracy Alarm Reporting

Only when the sensing point touches water can generate an alarm, no false alarms

Wide Range of Applications

Milesight EM300-SLD meets IP67 waterproof rating. It is guaranteed to work in humid and dusty environments.

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