X1 Sensing Camera, the Pioneer to Bring Infinite Possibilities

The X1 Sensing Camera is a cutting-edge device that utilizes advanced technologies and integrates the highlights of both video surveillance and IoT to unleash the power of images, bringing great sensing insights. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, it can detect even the smallest details and nuances in its surroundings, making it an ideal tool for sophisticated applications. In addition to its powerful capabilities, the X1 Sensing Camera boasts a compact and durable design that makes it suitable for challenging and complicated environments such as smart metering in factories. Find more possibilities in the video https://youtu.be/p3qgGAuafvs.

Why the X1 Sensing Camera Is Born

Some considerations before it was born:

  • Network cameras transmit real-time video streams, but what if users just keep a watchful eye on some key pictures?
  • Is there any product that integrates capturing pictures while keeping low power consumption?
  • Will cameras be fast deployed without the bothering of the extra connection and wires?
  • Will pictures solve problems with all information captured?

Seeing is believing, pictures as a carrier deliver much valuable information. Unlike cameras which are applied in applications of highly demanding on video streams for real-time monitoring, X1 Sensing Camera easily enables various industries with the integration of capturing pictures, low power consumption, and wireless deployment. It has its own target objects in lightweight applications, which is demanding on picture information that is valuable and irreplaceable.

What the X1 Sensing Camera Brings

  • Capturing 2MP high-definition images to deliver valuable information
  • Fast and easy-to-get deployment with a wireless connection
  • Long service life of more than 3 years with low power consumption
  • Multiple objects catching of up to 4 and multiple capturing modes of up to 4
  • Ultra mini size design with great environment adaptability
  • Considerate supplementary light for any lighting conditions
  • Collaborate with Milesight AIoT Sensing Platform for deeper applications
  • Well compatible with the third-party platforms for broader applications

Find more detailed product highlights at: https://www.milesight.com/product/x-infinity/x1-sensing-camera

Where the X1 Sensing Camera Applies

Everywhere requires the key elements as followed will be the target applications of the X1 Sensing Camera. Its values not just lay in where it can apply but in the potential it will bring to enable all walks of life.

Key Elements:

  • Require image for valuable information
  • Monitoring targets with irreplaceability
  • Require fast and easy deployment for upgrading
  • Demanding on installation adaptability
  • Require easy maintenance with Low power consumption
  • Require central management that needs great compatibility

Application Case Template: Smart Metering


The traditional meter revels a lot of defects in service. It requires manual reading by a technician, which can be time-consuming and may result in delays or errors in billing. And the reading results that can’t be traced may also cause disputes. Especially when it comes to gas meter and pressure meters which are applied in industries with complicated environments and high technical requirements to upgrade. But it is urgently needed to be upgraded to improve efficiency and profit. As a new application mode, it is going to enable the traditional meter to be smarter enough for powerful performance.


  • Data can’t be traced and verified by manual meter reading;
  • Industry environments are complicated with not enough space for complicated upgrade;
  • Rapid delivery time that doesn’t require complex deployment;
  • Poor lighting environments that will affect image information;
  • Gas meters or pressures meters replacement or upgrade may bring damage or risk;
  • Various meter types with different interfaces, which is hard to manage


Milesight X1 Sensing Camera allocating with routers and Milesight AIoT Sensing Platform forms a complete solution to bring non-invasion upgrade for metering management. The camera featuring low power consumption capacity is powered by batteries and builds connection via Wi-Fi. It is free of wires, which makes it perfect for fast and easy deployment. At the same time, the ultra mini size allow it to flexibly fit any complicated installation environments. It captures high-definition pictures of meters and transmits them by Wi-Fi connected from routers. Receiving by Milesight AIoT Sensing Platform, the pictures X1 Sensing Camera captured can be converted into valuable digital information to monitoring key values. The security can be guaranteed and quick responses can be made remotely to improve management efficiency. The solution can also save expensive labour costs while the platform allows information tracing and verified for optimal user experiences.


Zero-transforming upgrade: keep the original meters without changing or even modify;

Zero-risk installation: no pipelines adjustment is needed to keep security condition;

Zero-invasion deployment: wireless deployment with battery powered and Wi-Fi transmission, and the ultra mini size fits the complicated installation environments well with no worries of much efforts on installation;

Zero-difficulty compatibility: compatible with different meters to realize integrated management.

High-value image performance: efficiently get valuable meter data and deep insights by high-definition images to guarantee running;

High-efficiency management: no extra labor costs are need and the central management enhance the efficiency;

High-quality security: keep security in a high level with key frame monitoring.

Comparison between Milesight X1 Sensing Camera and Traditional Meters

Comparison between Milesight X1 Sensing Camera and Intrusive Intelligent Meter

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