Milesight VMS Enterprise's Change Log of Version

The new version of Milesight VMS Enterprise achieves many brand new functions such as VMS built-in Video Analysis, Compatibility with some new functions of Milesight camera, displaying Event Detection Region, the detection frame on Live View interface and so on. To sum up, you will have a different experience with this version.



Xiamen, China (February 10th, 2022)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class AIoT surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, announced the official launch of Milesight Smart Remote Management Solution.


New Features

(1) With Milesight rebranding, a new logo is also released in this version to bring brand-new experience to global customers.

(2) Support Built-in VMS intelligence to achieve On-Server Video Analysis.

① Support VMS-end Video Analysis Events & Result Search.

②Support smart search of built-in Motion Detection video on Playback interface.


a. Currently only NVIDIA graphic card (CUDA compute capability 7.5 or higher is recommended) is supported for Video Analysis Server.

b. Currently only 64-bit Operating System is supported for Video Analysis Server.

c. Make sure that there is a license for Analysis Events in the system.

(3) Compatible with some features of Milesight cameras.


a. Please make sure your camera version is Vxx.7.0.79-r31 or above.

① Support Traffic Detection compatible with radar models.

>> Added Traffic Detection interface, which supports configuring radar-related configurations on the VMS side.

>> Add Picture Storage interface to enable or disable ANPR picture storage.

>> Support Dynamic Visualization of Traffic Detection on Live View interface.

② Add Detection Object option of AI Camera Series.

③ Support mosaic type for Privacy Mask function and PTZ Privacy Mask function.

④ Increase the number of Privacy Mask areas up to 24.

⑤ Support People Counting, Regional People Counting and Statistics Report.

⑥ Increase the number of preset up to 300.

⑦ Support setting detection region for PTZ Auto Tracking function.

⑧ Support drawing polygon detection region for Front-end VCA function, Analysis Events and People Counting.

⑨ Compatible with multicast streaming of camera via RTSP.

(4) Support displaying Event Detection Region and the detection frame to track the target for Front-end Events and Smart Analysis Events.

(5) Optimize the types of Trigger Eventsto facilitate user configuration when adding the event rules.

(6) Optimizethe system language.

① Update system language, add Japanese and update Chinese, English and Russian, greatly improving the user experience.

②Supports switching the system language when logging in to the VMS Enterprise system.



(1) Optimize the menu bar at the top of the VMS client for a better user experience.

(2) Support saving Client-side Dewarping position of Fisheye model to the layout on Live View and Playback interface.

(3) Unify the logic and layout of the pop-up window of ANPR Search, Analysis Result Search, etc.

(4) Optimize the play and edit mechanism of Tour Plans.

(5) Support batch deletion of camera tour plans and layout tour plans on Live View interface.

(6) Optimize the problem of inconsistent layout of some interfaces.

(7) Optimize the filtering mechanism on Event Rule Settings interface. After selecting filter conditions, the unmatched items will be directly hidden, which is convenient for batch operations.

(8) Add more logs to Audit Trail interface to facilitate customers to check user actions.

(9) Optimize the Email Service interface. Users can click the test button to send a test email to the recipient email address, which is convenient for customers to check the configuration.

(10) Support displaying full image of license plate results on ANPR Search interface.

(11) Optimize other functions.


Bug Fixes

(1) Fix the bug that the activation code is incorrectly displayed due todaylight saving time.

(2) Fix the bug that the live stream would be disconnected when users preview the Uniview camera.

(3) Fix the bug that some Asian license plate configurations could not be saved successfully.

(4) Fix the bug that the VMS Client does not respond with AMD graphic card.

(5) Fix the bug that Motion Detection could not take effect for Pelco camera added with RTSP.

(6) Fix the bug of video flickering in the virtual machine under some situations.

(7) Fix other bugs.


a. Please refer to the User Manual on the official website for the detailed functions and configurations.




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