Milesight Honored with 2023 Corporate Award by LoRa Alliance

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July 3, 2024, Xiamen, China,Milesight, a leading provider of multi-dimensional sensing products empowered by IoT technologies, is proud to announce that it has been honored with the 2023 Contribution Corporate Award by the LoRa Alliance. This prestigious award recognizes Milesight's significant contributions to the development and promotion of LoRaWAN technology.

The LoRa Alliance, a non-profit association dedicated to advancing and promoting the LoRaWAN protocol as the global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT LPWAN connectivity, acknowledged Milesight's outstanding efforts in driving the adoption and implementation of LoRaWAN solutions.


Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

Milesight has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation, developing cutting-edge IoT solutions that leverage LoRaWAN technology to address real-world challenges. Their products, ranging from smart IAQ monitoring systems to advanced device control solutions, have set new standards in the industry for quality and performance.

We are incredibly honored to receive the 2023 Contribution Award from the LoRa Alliance,said Cheney Li, Head of Strategic Partnership. This recognition underscores our dedication to advancing LoRaWAN technology and our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the quality of life and operational efficiency for our clients around the world.

contribution award 2023

Driving Global LoRaWAN Adoption

Milesight has been instrumental in promoting the global adoption of LoRaWAN technology through active participation in various industry events, standardization efforts, and collaborative projects. Their contributions have helped to expand the LoRaWAN ecosystem and drive forward the development of smart solutions across multiple sectors, including smart buildings, industrial IoT, and environmental monitoring.

The 2023 Contribution Award highlights Milesights role as a key player in the IoT industry, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with LoRaWAN technology. The companys innovative solutions have enabled businesses and communities to harness the power of IoT to create smarter, more connected environments.


Being an Influencer in the LoRaWAN Ecosystem

As a recognized influencer in the LoRaWAN ecosystem, Milesight understand the importance of collaboration and community. Milesight actively participate in industry events, forums, and working groups to share our knowledge, exchange ideas, and drive the collective progress of the LoRaWAN community.

Education and knowledge sharing are pivotal to our role as an influencer. We are committed to educating the market about the benefits and applications of LoRaWAN through webinars, workshops, and publications. By sharing our expertise and insights, we aim to empower businesses and individuals to harness the power of LoRaWAN for their own success.


Fostering a Sustainable Future

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our current practices. We aim to develop solutions that not only enhance efficiency but also promote environmental sustainability. By integrating IoT technology with sustainable practices, we aspire to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Global collaboration is key to the widespread adoption and success of LoRaWAN technology. We plan to strengthen our partnerships with other industry leaders, research institutions, and standardization bodies. Together, we can drive the global standardization and interoperability of LoRaWAN, making it accessible to more markets and industries.


Driving Innovation and Enhancing Pervasive Connectivity 

Milesight is dedicated to continuously expanding our product portfolio to meet the evolving needs of our customers. By developing new and improved LoRaWAN-enabled devices, we aim to provide even more versatile, reliable, and efficient solutions for various applications.


Success Stories Sharing

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IoT-enabled Smart Plantation

Efficient and Sustainable Potato Cultivation Powered by Milesight Solutions in a Renowned Chip Brand's Planting Base


Intelligent Green Building

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Smart Retail Evolves with IoT Innovations

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The Contribution Award 2023 is a testament to Milesights dedication to the LoRaWAN ecosystem. As we celebrate this achievement, we are more committed than ever to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and promoting sustainability. We look forward to continuing our journey, working together with our partners and customers to shape the future of IoT and create a smarter, more connected world.



About Milesight

Milesight offers multi-potential sensing products to capture the most meaningful data and makes it accessible across diverse applications. It innovatively applies emerging technologies such as Al, 5G, and loT to distinct use scenarios. With a commitment to making sensing matter, Milesight quickly responds to customer-specific challenges and collaborates with an expanding network of partners to deliver unique data value. It is determined to make real, positive impacts in smart buildings, intelligent traffic, intelligent security, smart cities, and beyond.


About the LoRa Alliance

The LoRa Alliance is an open, non-profit association that has become one of the largest and fastest-growing alliances in the technology sector since its inception in 2015. Its members collaborate closely and share expertise to promote the LoRaWAN protocol as the leading open global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT LPWAN connectivity.

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