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Milesight cameras ensure a safe environment for Uludag University students.



Bursa Uludag

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Bursa, Turkey

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Bursa Uludağ University, located in Bursa, Turkey, is a prestigious public research university with a strong emphasis on various fields such as International Relations, Medicine, Engineering, Natural & Social sciences, and Arts. With its 11 faculties, 1 undergraduate school, 12 vocational schools, and numerous research centers and institutes, the university is committed to providing quality education and conducting cutting-edge research.

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With a student population exceeding 70,000, the university recognizes the importance of maintaining a safe and secure campus environment. As such, there may be a need for surveillance cameras to enhance campus security, prevent criminal activities, and ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors. These cameras can aid in monitoring critical areas, responding to emergencies, enforcing campus rules, and maintaining the overall well-being of the university community.


Diverse Cameras, Inclusive Surveillance

The AI 25X/30X Speed Dome Camera is utilized in areas that require extensive coverage and swift zoom capabilities, such as parking lots and main entrances. Meanwhile, the AI Motorized Pro Bullet Camera finds its application in locations that demand flexible adjustments and precise monitoring, including corridors and outdoor walkways.As for public and open areas, AI 12X PTZ Bullet Cameras are deployed to provide long-range monitoring and capture details from multiple angles. Together, these cameras ensure comprehensive surveillance across the university campus, addressing various monitoring needs with their specific features.

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Seamless Integration with Digifort, 24x7 All-round Protection

Various CGI/APIs, interfaces, and protocols like RTSP and ONVIF make it easy to integrate with all data being pushed to third-party VMS Digifort. Protocol compatibility further simplifies system configuration and management processes, resulting in reduced deployment and maintenance costs overall. Real-time high-quality image/video transmission through integration with Digifort enables campus security personnel to monitor and respond to security incidents or emergencies swiftly via video wall.

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By leveraging Milesight cameras and their seamless integration with the third-party VMS Digifort, Uludag University has significantly bolstered its security measures. This ensures constant and comprehensive surveillance, providing a solid safeguard for personnel and assets within the campus, and enabling a safer and more secure environment.

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