Case Study


Delta School gate
Organization: Delta Schools Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Industry Segment: Education Milesight Partner: Abdulrahman al shareef EST Related Products: 18 Mini PoE PTZ Bullet Network Cameras (MS-C2961-EB) 194 Remote Focus&Zoom Pro Dome Network Cameras (MS-C2972-FPB)


Over 200 pcs of Milesight network cameras were running in the Delta Schools, growing together with students from preschool to high school. Located in the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where education is highly valued, the school should guarantee the safe environment to ensure students' security since it is the solid foundation of school management and teaching quality. “With the help of the Digiever and Milesight M-sight Pro, the efficiency of the school management will be greatly enhanced. Also, the situation and emergency could be easily controlled both for staff members and parents despite the distance.” Said Karim El-Masry, the technique engineer of the Abdulrahman al shareef EST.


Established in 1999, Delta Schools whose students range from preschool to high school is a quality one with 18 years of experience in delivering American Curriculum. It has successfully integrated digital learning in all subjects and won Excellency award from the Ministry of Education. To ensure the quality teaching, the school was in urgent need of a matching surveillance system. And finally, Abdulrahman al shareef EST stood out and won the project with Milesight network cameras and software.

School Security Guard


To connect 3 separated buildings together while requiring the strong compatibility to operate with the back end NVRs, the school urgently needed a robust surveillance system to safeguard it and to improve the management. “It is the first time that the school employed network cameras. The installation and setting up over 200 network cameras is a complex issue. But with our professional service and Milesight's user-friendly products, the problem could be readily solved. Moreover, the manage staff and parents could view the videos via M-Sight Pro anytime and anywhere. ” said Karim Kasim the technique engineer of the Abdulrahman al shareef EST.

management system of School Security Guard


Two models of over 200 cameras were selected to protect the three buildings and outdoor areas. Pro Dome Network Cameras mainly worked in the buildings while the Mini PoE PTZ Bullet Network Camera were placed in the outdoor areas for it better fits for open area to bring all-round monitoring.

open areas of the Delta Schools

Milesight PTZ Camera used in School Security Guard

PTZ to Build a Solid Defense for Students

Installed in the building facades, the H.265 Mini PoE PTZ Bullet Network Cameras with 360° endless pan, 75° tilt and 12x optical zoom well monitor the open areas. The wide angle of fields ensures that no blind spot is existed to let slip any potential situation. Cooperating with Pro Dome Network Cameras indoors, 18 PTZ cameras were equipped on the periphery of the school, building a solid defense to make the school watertight day and night.
PoE PTZ Bullet Camera, PTZ Camera, PTZ Bullet Camera

Across the Obstacles of the Distance with M-Sight Pro

The school is a big one with various ranges of students, safe will be critical to them, especially for the preschool students, and is highly concerned by parents. With M-Sight Pro, the school managers and parents could know the situation and timely handle emergencies to avoid some potential risks. The convenience lies in the mobile and flexible capacity, which means they could know clearly about the monitoring area to make sure everything is under control anytime and anywhere. Except for that, the M-Sight Pro greatly enhances the efficiency of the school management.

Motorized Pro Dome camera
School Security Guard

Security is the top priority for the students. How to realize quality monitoring anytime and anywhere matters to guarantee the security. And that's the reason why Milesight's products are chosen for the project.

PoE PTZ Bullet Camera, PTZ Camera, PTZ Bullet Camera


Milesight network cameras are now smoothly operating in the school. For the buildings installed with network cameras, security level are highly promoted. The management of the school are getting easier and more efficient. The Mini PoE PTZ Bullet Network Cameras in the open areas bring all-round monitoring and Pro Dome Network Cameras installed in the indoors with robust quality provide reliable monitoring effect. The goal of the school is to teach students how to learn, the goal of Milesight's products is to safeguard the students and the value of learning.