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Milesight IP video surveillance solutions deliver excellent HD image quality and meet new security challenges. Learn how Milesight products protect the security and safety of different industries such as Banking, Retail, Health Care, Education, etc.

Case Study

Now Milesight Secures L'Adresse, Unseen but Sees Everything

Surveillance System Upgrade for the Most Prestigious Clothing Design Store in Madagascar

Organization: L'Adresse Location: Antananarivo, Madagascar Industry Segment: Retail Milesight Partner: Technoalarme Related Products: 4K H.265+ Motorized Pro Dome Network Camera
4K H.265+ PoE NVR 5000 Series (MS-N5016-UPT)
Case Study


As the previous surveillance system of L'Adresse is getting old and unreliable, Technoalarme makes a study on site and provides a new solution with totally 14 pcs of Milesight network cameras and 1 pc of Milesight NVR. Now this new surveillance system is monitoring the whole store without dead zone.


L'Adresse is the most prestigious clothing design store of male and female clothes. High ranking government officials and the wealthiest members of this country are their main customers, thus an excellent security system is extremely important. The previous existing camera system is getting old and unreliable, so L'Adresse is looking for a new replacement.

The overview of challenges met in retailing store


L'Adresse has very clear requirements on the surveillance system. The cameras need to have impeccable image quality and be able to listen clearly to what is happening in the store. In the meantime, they need to blend in the environment without being noticed too much. Additionally, all the corners shall be covered under surveillance without dead zone. The most important feature of the surveillance system is image transmission. It shall be able to access at anytime in anywhere of the world.


Understanding the requirement of L'Adresse, Technoalarme makes a study on site and provides a solution with totally 14 pcs of Milesight network cameras and 1 pc of Milesight NVR, which monitors the whole store without dead zone. Milesight's products meet all the demanded functions, plus a longer warranty period, making the new surveillance system of L'Adresse powerful and robust.

Recessed Installation for Concealment

For a store like L'Adresse whose customers are mostly high ranking members, the security of the store and customers is of vital significance. Most surveillance cameras provide high resolution image and wide coverage to guard the place, but how to make people feel at ease without noticing these cold cameras? Milesight solves this problem by providing Recessed Mount for dome shape cameras, so they can be installed into the ceiling with only little necessary exposure. To hide the direction of the cameras, the smoked dome cover is available as well. Thus the security of the whole space is well-guaranteed, while no one will feel uncomfortable except for the outlaws.

Milesight recessed installation for concealment is suitable for retailing store

Zero Dead Zone for Eyes and Ears

By well planning and installing, Milesight network cameras see the whole store without a dead zone. Though seeing is believing, when event happens, having certain audio records as evidence could be very supportive. Milesight's Motorized Pro Dome Network Camera has built-in microphone to record the sound of the monitoring area. The audio I/O interface is available as well for external audio devices. The combination of scene and sound will be a powerful support to reveal the truth.

Milesight pro dome camera with built-in microphone secure retailing store

Fast Transmission at Anytime, to Anywhere

Now the whole surveillance system is deployed, for the owner of the store, how to “bring the store” and check at anytime? Milesight develops the app M-Sight Pro to transmit up to 64 channels of real-time videos to mobile phones for central management. Wherever there is Internet, there is the live view of the store. The fast and stable transmission ensures the real-time remote control in a single phone. The Transcoding function allows the videos to be played smoothly even under poor Internet condition. Besides, a newly-developed Split Playback function helps to quickly find out the interested part by splitting the video into 4 or 9 segments and playing synchronously. Both Milesight network cameras and NVRs can be added to the app via IP/Domain, P2P and Milesight DDNS, making remote surveillance a really smart and easy way.

Milesight app help with fast and instand monitor at anytime to anywhere


After experiencing the new surveillance system of Milesight, the owner of L'Adresse says, "I am very happy with image quality of my cameras and I can see small details that I could not see before as well as see all the angles of my shop." Together, Milesight surveillance system and L'Adresse will work to provide the best service.


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