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Case Study

Milesight Provides a One-stop Surveillance Solution to Primadent Dental Clinic in Slovenia


Primadent Protects Your Teeth, Milesight Protects Primadent

outlook of Primadent Dental Clinic in Slovenia
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18 pcs of H.265+ Weather-proof Mini Dome Network Camera
5 pcs of H.265+ Vandal-proof Mini Bullet Network Camera
1 pc of 4K H.265 Pro NVR 7000 Series
1 pc of PoE Switch
Primadent Dental Clinic
Industry Segment:
Health Care
Spodnje Škofije, Koper, Slovenia
Milesight Partner:
doNET d.o.o.
Case Study


Milesight's partner, doNET, designs a one-stop surveillance solution which deploys 24 pcs of Milesight network cameras to secure the newly completed Primadent Dental Clinic in Slovenia.

overview of Primadent Dental Clinic in Slovenia


Primadent, located in Spodnje Škofije, Koper, Slovenia, is a modern dental clinic that equips the high-tech facilities and experienced dentists team. Targeting at being the best private dental clinic in Central Europe, Primadent provides excellent dental care services at reasonable prices.


As Primadent is a most advanced dental clinic, a most advanced security surveillance solution is demanded. The ideal solution is one that could cover every corner inside and outside of the building with the minimum pieces of cameras, with an NVR to manage all the cameras, realizing central monitoring in real time. It would be better if remote monitoring is available.


After careful design and comparison, 24 pcs of Milesight network cameras and 1 pc of Milesight NVR are deployed in Primadent. The cameras are carefully installed outside the building and inside the clinic, building up a 24/7 monitoring network of security. For Centralized management, a 32 channels Milesight NVR is applied. Remote monitoring by mobile phone app--M-Sight Pro, is available as well.

From Outside to Inside, Without Missing A Corner

Among the network cameras provided by Milesight, there is a Fisheye camera which has a 360° panoramic view. The 12MP ultra high resolution and stunning dewarping ability record every detail of the monitoring area. Multiple cameras of weather-proof mini dome type and vandal-proof mini bullet type up to 5MP resolution are scattered around, ensuring that every corner of this building inside and outside are under clear monitoring.

Milesight security system safeguards Primadent Dental Clinic in Slovenia.

IP or P2P, Monitoring on the Phone

To satisfy Primadent's need of remote control, M-Sight Pro, an app developed by Milesight, is recommended. Both network cameras and NVRs can be connected to the app easily by IP, P2P or Milesight DDNS. After connection, the app will have simultaneous views. Once the alarm is triggered, a notice will be sent to the app. Other powerful functions such as playback are available. For the owner of Primadent, it is very convenient to know the situation at anytime and anywhere.

Milesight app M-Sight Pro for monitoring use on the Phone
Milesight weather-proof mini dome camera is blended with the environment

Mini and White, Blending with Environment

Primadent Dental Clinic is a building with simple but elegant design, with the typical clinic color white inside the building. Milesight Weather-proof Mini Dome Network Camera, featuring a similar white color and exquisite mini size, is easily blended with the environment, protecting the patients and staff without being noticed.

24 in 1, Bringing All under Control

To better manage totally 24 pcs of network cameras, Primadent chooses 1 pc of Milesight's 4K H.265 Pro NVR 7000 Series. 4 HDDs locked in the NVR provide 40TB storage. The leading-edge H.265 compression ensures the best visual experience while saving the bandwidth, bit rate and storage space. The model MS-N7032-UH has 32 channels in total, once Primadent decides to add more cameras, there are 8 more channels to be used.

Milesight NVR to manage all cameras under control


For Primadent Dental Clinic, the products and solution provided by Milesight and doNET makes the monitoring of the building simple. It is an ideal one-stop solution that eases Primadent's burden of security surveillance. Now Primadent protects the patients' teeth, and Milesight protects Primadent!


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