Official Released: Milesight AI Dual-sensor 180° Panoramic Camera

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Milesight Mini PTZ Dome Camera

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360° Surround View Monitoring High-speed PTZ Dome Network Camera

AI Empowers Security

Powered by advanced AI engine, Milesight new generation video analytics boasts with higher accuracy via a pre-trained deep learning model and continuously training to algorithms automatically.

  • AI VCA

    Milesight AI Camera Series can intelligently filter objects to focus on human and vehicle detection in multiple events such as Region Entrance, Region Exiting, Loitering, Line Crossing, Tamper Detection, Advanced Motion Detection, etc.

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  • AI people counting

    High accuracy and real-time regional people counting based on AI algorithm, with statistic reports for further analysis, helps to make fast decision on security management and increase the operational efficiency of the business.

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  • AI face identify

    Detect, capture faces and further support advanced functions for various applications.

    • Face Attributes Recognition (Recognize a variety of face attributes, such as masks, gender, etc.)
    • Face Privacy Mode (Mosaic the recognized faces automatically.)
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A Compact Dome with PTZ

Overturn your conventional understanding to a dome camera, Milesight AI 12X/20X/23X PTZ Dome Network Camera is going to stunningly bring a high-grade all-round monitoring. PTZ Dome Network Camera is going to stunningly bring a high-grade all-round monitoring.

  • 360°

    Endless Pan

  • -5°~90°

    Auto-flip Tilt

  • 12X/20X/23X

    Optical Zoom

  • 450°/s

    Pan Speed

  • 360°/s

    Tilt Speed

An Ingenious IR Design

Prevent the Lens from being disturbed by the IR light & Adjust IR intensity automatically.

Milesight Mini PTZ Dome Camera
IR Anti-reflection Panel of Milesight Mini PTZ Dome camera

IR Anti-reflection Panel

Smart IR II Technology of Mini PTZ Dome Camera

Smart IR II Technology

A Discreet Installation

Skillfully blend in with the environment.

A Smart PTZ Function

Instantaneous PTZ Auto Tracking to suspicious moving objects.

smart PTZ function of Milesight Mini PTZ Dome camera

A Comprehensive

Defog Guaranty

Realize defog performance both in software and hardware.

A Whole Array of


Complete interface design for different kinds of surveillance needs.

interfaces of Mini PTZ Dome Camera

A Flexible Choice of Accessories




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