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Why Milesight Video Management?

6 Reasons Make us Apart

Enriched AI

Unified Platform

Smart Investigation

Intuitive Interface

Optimized Performance

Tailored Service

ai features

AI at Its Finest,
We are in it!

Milesight VMS Enterprise could automate the security with enriched AI capabilities, the AI-driven analysis is derived from edge AI IPC, or Milesight AI analytics Server, providing users with a flexible yet powerful solution.


Unified Platform,
We Go Beyond Borders!

The user could complete the event settings, event alarm, and alarm management all in one unified platform, and thanks to the advanced Client/Server Architecture, we deliver a remote access and management solution for multi-location projects, synchronizing vast amounts of data in a single interface.

smart investigation

Smart Investigation,
We Accelerate Case Closure!

Based on the AI analytics data, we could fast locate the required people or video clips using many advanced features such as smart video synopsis, smart search, and so on.

easy to use

Intuitive Interface,
We Put Simplicity in Mind!

Our software is designed with a focus on simplicity and ease of use, keeping the end-user experience at the forefront. From installation to daily use, we ensure that navigating through our platform is a breeze.

hardware software

Optimized Performance,
We are Perfect with Milesight Hardware!

Milesight VMS Enterprise is perfectly matched with Milesight network cameras, and we have launched a series of VMS hardware to optimize performance, providing a ready-to-go VMS solution.

tailor made

Tailored Service,
We Listen Your Voice!

Milesight tailor-made services provide the dedicated VMS Software based on Milesight R&D capabilities and open platform, which will completely meet the demands of your project.

Rich Application

Embrace AI+IoT
Technology in VMS

nursing home

Nursing Home



petrol station

Petrol Station


Smart Building

Latest Insights of Milesight VMS Solution

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Introducing Milesight Video Surveillance Appliance

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