Leverage AI Video Analytics: Enhance Safety and Efficiency

Undoubtedly, video surveillance plays a vital role in daily security and safety. However, with innumerable cameras installed, the following challenges have to be solved: how to keep track of time with less labor or sound the alarm before security incidents happen and etc. Therefore, it forces organizations to look for a technology solution: AI-empowered Video Analytics.Don’t hurry up diving into the complicated algorithm and system, let's explore the essential functions and benefits of Milesight AI Technology. 



Increase Safety with Less Labor Cost

  • Comprehensive Security. Depending on the capacity of the recognition of vehicles, humans, and objects, Milesight AI Analytics, including Region Entrance, Region Exiting, Object Left, Object Remove, Loitering, Line Crossing, Tamper Detection, and Advanced Motion Detection, effectively maintain the high level of perimeter security on 7/24 while reducing the need of human monitoring. For example, at the hospital, unauthorized entrance and existing detection raise the perimeter security by setting up limited access control for personnel and vehicles and facilitating staff management. Object detection can prevent the theft of expensive medical equipment and consistently monitor vital assets. 
  • Improved Situational Awareness. AI algorithms can automatically detect and track specific objects of interest with high accuracy, such as people, vehicles, or suspicious items, which helps operators increase monitoring flexibility to be aware of particular areas and reduce repetitive work by focusing on every video footage. 
  • Real-Time Detection. AI algorithm can consistently analyze the video content and sound alarms for potential risks identified. It reduces the false alarm by solely relying on human observation while increasing the speed of responses



In addition, AI deep learning technology helps us zoom in to monitor and analyze details of the crowd rather than outside surroundings. 

  • Enhanced Crowd Management. Monitoring and analyzing the density and occupancy of capacity is essential for sizeable public places, such as shopping malls, airports, exhibitions, hospitals, etc. Milesight AI technology cannot only monitor the number of people for queue management but also offers real-time statistic reports to help operators understand accumulated data for intelligent decisions. 
  • Facilitated Identify Check. Relying on facial recognition by various face attributes, such as masks, gender, etc., increases productivity and optimizes the procedures for entrance management. 

Make Milesight AI-powered Video Analytics Distinct 

Although the functions we discussed above are common and prevalent among daily security scenarios, Milesight is concerned about the industrial sets where the high rate of accidents occurs. 

  • More Secure with Blind-spot Area. Staff need to pay more attention to each corner monitoring due to large wild spaces, such as large factories, farms, etc. Milesight AI technology offers remote supervision and real-time alarm through smoke and fire detection, effectively preventing damage to landscape and property. 
  • Supports the Health and safety of Employees. Detecting hard hats in construction sites is the key element for reducing potential risks; therefore, Milesight AI Analytics is able to accurately detect by capturing live pictures and sound alarms to increase safety and avoid potential accidents. 



Optimize Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience 

Harness AI algorithm increasing business competition is a distinct advantage that Milesight AI Analytics can easily provide. Milesight Network Camera, along with AI in large public areas, are not only used for security but also beneficial for operators to evaluate and analyze customer patterns to make smart decisions.

To be more specific, Milesight Panoramic Camera Series with heat map monitors and analyzes the most attractive area by customer motion. It allows the owner to redesign the store layout to cater to customer needs or evaluate employee performance by finding out which court is most popular for clients to ask questions at the bank. Meanwhile, operators are likely eager to understand which direction attracts the most traffic at a large shop, exhibitions, campus, and so on, to help them make further business decisions. Therefore, AI People Flow Analytics with multifaceted detective directions excellently meets the needs. 

Besides large shopping mall applications, the stellar and superior Milesight AI Video Analytics offers comprehensive insights beyond security, which enriches functions to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience varies from daily secure scenarios, such as campus, hotel, bank, etc, to industrial sites, such as factory, farm and so on. 

In summary, Milesight AI video Analytics satisfies your daily security enhancement needs and expands demand to specific areas with advanced technology to avoid potential risks and optimize your business.

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