Unveiling the Synergy of LoRaWAN®, 5G, and AI Technologies | Milesight Smart Green Building Philosophy


Why choose technologies such as LoRaWAN®, 5G, and AI? What benefits and advancements do these technologies bring to our endeavors and innovations?

We choose technologies like 5G, AI, and LoRaWAN® because they represent the forefront of innovation. LoRaWAN® is designed specifically for IoT. It enables long-range communication between devices and a central server while consuming minimal power. The LoRaWAN®-based devices can seamlessly communicate, regardless of location. 

5G enables quicker downloads, seamless streaming, and enhanced application performance. The low latency ensures minimal delays in communication, making it ideal for real-time applications. Additionally, the increased network capacity supports a larger number of simultaneous connections, paving the way for the IoT and enabling a more interconnected and efficient digital landscape.

For video surveillance, AI plays an important role in intelligent video analytics, which greatly enhances the monitoring performance and saves human labor. Through advanced video processing algorithms, AI can detect and analyze intricate patterns, anomalies, and objects in real time. This translates to improved accuracy in identifying potential threats, allowing for swift and precise responses to security incidents.

By harnessing the power of these technologies, we aim to enhance performance, enable seamless connectivity, and unlock new possibilities in various fields.


How do these technological advantages integrate with our company's products? 

LoRaWAN® offers robust and low-power connectivity, enabling efficient communication for IoT devices. It extends coverage over large areas, conserves energy for long battery life, and supports various applications. For example, Milesight AM Series Indoor Air Quality Sensors have been deployed over 47,000 units in Canadian schools for IAQ monitoring. Thanks to the low power consumption, it is easy to maintain at such a large scale of deployment. Moreover, Milesight upgraded 62 energy-efficient buildings in Canada by deploying 4,400 sensors. Additionally, the company delivered a smart building solution in Shenzhen, China, playing a significant role in addressing the challenges associated with digital transformation in the region. Take another case as an example, Due to the long-range communication capability, Milesight deployed hundreds of LoRaWAN® sensors to support New Zealand’s smart islands project.

5G is designed to substantially boost network performance, unlocking new possibilities for applications and services. For example, the deployment of Milesight 5G CPE allows for the gathering of environmental data in mines through embedded sensors, which are then transmitted to a central management center. This enables remote control of various devices, improving human safety and operational efficiency with swift data transmission and reduced latency. Besides, the Milesight UR75 5G router guarantees ultra-fast connectivity for overseeing smart city devices, such as traffic lights, CCTV, and street lighting. Moreover, the UR75 5G router provides real-time monitoring of electricity, heat, and water supply, allowing controllers to receive timely updates on potential issues or disruptions before they reach a critical point.

In the realm of AI, the Milesight AI Camera delivers high-quality imaging and intelligent features. Equipped with an AI chip, it can recognize diverse attributes of humans, vehicles, and other objects. Prioritizing security monitoring and commercial analytics, the AI cameras support filtering to optimize efficiency and aid decision-making for managers. Milesight's next-gen video analytics, powered by an advanced AI engine, achieves higher accuracy through pre-trained deep learning models and continuous automatic training of algorithms. Additionally, the VS133 AI ToF People Counting Sensor enhances accuracy and adaptability by employing embedded AI algorithms to filter unnecessary counts and distinguish between different crowds. This ensures optimal performance in various scenarios.


 What benefits do these technologies bring when deploying Milesight Smart Green Building?

The benefits of these technologies are evident in Milesight's Smart Green Building. 5G ensures high-speed, reliable connectivity for real-time data transmission. AI enhances Milesight's products with intelligent features, enabling efficient data analysis and response. LoRaWAN® facilitates seamless, long-range communication among IoT devices, contributing to a robust, interconnected smart green building ecosystem. 

In the deployment of Milesight Smart Green Building, 5G, AI, and LoRaWAN® collectively offer advantages like improved energy efficiency, streamlined automation, and enhanced data-driven decision-making. The integration of these technologies aligns with Milesight's commitment to delivering innovative, sustainable, and technologically advanced solutions for smart green building management.


It's important to note that there are numerous benefits for the deployment of IoT devices  Would you mind sharing the performance that these IoT devices bring up?

The implementation of IoT devices in Milesight building has not only led to significant energy savings but has also improved the overall well-being of occupants. This case underscores the growing importance of IoT and LoRaWAN® technology in shaping the future of modern workspaces. 

Results on Quantifiable Benefits: Save Approximately $45,000 per Year

  • Boost Energy Efficiency and Sustainability(HVAC, Lighting, Waste Management)
  • Achieve Up to 45% on Energy Saving per Year
  • Improve Water Efficiency
  • Water Theft Prevention and Outdoor Irrigation Water Usage Decreased by 13%
  • Enhance Employee Comfort and Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction Increased by 83%
  • Revolutionizing Space Utilization
  • Increased Meeting Room Occupancy Rates by 62% Daily
  • Safeguarding Assets: Strategies for Assets Protection
  • Robust Security, Safeguarding Valuable Assets with Advanced Monitoring and Alerts
  • Building Security and Employee Safety: A Focus on Protection
  • Building Security and Employee Safety Measures 

Equipped with a LoRaWAN® network of IoT devices, the Milesight building showcases the potential for long-range, low-power connectivity in urban environments.

“This implementation highlights the versatility of LoRaWAN® in transforming traditional structures into intelligent, connected spaces," says Harry Hua, Director of IoT Solutions, the company behind the deployment. "We've witnessed a significant improvement in operational efficiency, cost savings, and overall sustainability.”

Furthermore, the LoRaWAN® network not only offers plug-and-play capability but also provides low power consumption that aligns with Milesight’s commitment to environmental sustainability. As more IoT applications are set to be integrated, Milesight anticipates improved efficiency in areas such as smart building, IAQ applications, smart wastement, and beyond.

The success of this green building underscores the growing role of IoT technologies in shaping the future of urban infrastructure. As cities continue to embrace smart initiatives, the adoption of LoRaWAN® is poised to play a pivotal role in creating connected, efficient, and sustainable urban spaces.


Milesight has successfully deployed IoT devices across the building, bringing about a paradigm shift in green building management. And we couldn’t help ourselves wondering how you make it.

The deployment is phased into several stages, for example, Infrastructure Planning, Data Security and Privacy, Sensor Placement, Calibration and Testing, Power Management, Monitoring and Maintenance.

To bring out the best performance, we have to remember to strategically place sensors in locations that optimize data collection, to consider factors such as coverage area, proximity to devices, and environmental conditions, and to conduct site surveys to identify optimal sensor placement.

The IoT sensors are being deployed to enhance workplace safety and operational efficiency. These sensors, strategically placed throughout the building, monitor various environmental factors in real-time, including air quality, lighting control, scene management, restroom and workplace occupancy levels, water leakage, odor detection, humidity, and temperature. The data collected is then analyzed to optimize HVAC systems and Milesight IoT Cloud, ensure compliance with safety standards, and create a healthier and more productive work environment. 

"Our goal was to create a workspace that not only enhances productivity but also prioritizes the well-being of occupants," states Harry Hua, Director of IoT Solutions at Milesight "The deployment of these IoT devices enables us to create a dynamic and responsive environment tailored to the needs of modern professionals." 

As the success of this smart building deployment, Milesight starts to gain attention, and other commercial spaces are looking to replicate the model, marking a shift towards more intelligent and occupant-centric work environments in urban landscapes.


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