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NDAA Compliant Products

In the realm of video surveillance and security, network security holds paramount importance. The United States Government is one of the strictest customers concerning national security measures and video surveillance systems. These systems safeguard critical infrastructure and ensure public safety. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) set up compliance requirements for companies doing business with the US federal government.


This article will delve into the details of the NDAA and its implications on the surveillance industry. It also discusses how to select compliant products and the advantages of choosing Milesight's NDAA security camera.

What is NDAA Compliant?

The NDAA, officially named the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019, became law in the United States on August 13, 2018. Section 889 of the NDAA outlines restrictions on specific telecommunications and video surveillance services or equipment.


The NDAA requires various measures to ensure the security of information systems and protect against potential threats. Security integrators are prohibited from selling surveillance equipment to government agencies and their associated contractors under these particular brands. The NDAA has a key objective: ensuring a strong national defense. This involves allocating crucial resources to support the military.


Besides, the Secure Equipment Act prevents the FCC from allowing the sale of cameras in the US that don't meet NDAA standards.

Why Does NDAA Compliance Matter?

Always employ NDAA-compliant cameras on government property or for government-funded projects. Meeting NDAA compliance requirements is vital for Department of Defense contractors. It helps you stay eligible for government contracts and avoid legal and financial problems.

  • Prevent Violation Fee

    Utilizing a non-compliant security camera could impose substantial financial costs on your business, reaching thousands of dollars. Contractors are subject to financial penalties for inaccurate disclosure of information regarding the security cameras they install on government property. These penalties align with standard enforcement measures for federal contracts.

  • Enhance Security Infrastructure

    Using NDAA-compliant cameras ensures adherence to federal laws and offers a dual seal of physical and network security. It can also instill confidence in businesses within the private sector. NDAA-approved security cameras can better prevent unauthorized access to the camera or its footage by potential criminals.

How to Make Sure I’m Buying NDAA-Compliant Products?

There are several ways to check whether a particular product is in compliance with the NDAA. You can refer to below:

  • Ask your security equipment manufacturers directly

    All the major security camera brands have published information regarding their compliance with NDAA. You can also find their compliant product list or NDAA compliant logo on the page, like Milesight.

    Feel free to contact us or browse our NDAA-compliant products list.

  • Check the OEM manufacturer

    Recognize that the National Defense Authorization Act could potentially prohibit certain components within security camera systems. To make sure your cameras follow NDAA rules, find out the OEM manufacturer and see if they are on the blocklist.

  • Check the chipset used in security cameras

    Numerous manufacturers and suppliers of security cameras and associated equipment refrain from disclosing the specific computer chips or components utilized. As a result, it becomes challenging to provide a definite guarantee regarding whether a specific camera meets NDAA compliance. So you will need to ask what chipsets are being used in the equipment they are claiming as NDAA compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the NDAA ban all video surveillance equipment and components made in China?

No. The NDAA incorporates provisions to limit the use of certain telecommunications and video surveillance equipment manufactured by specific Chinese companies and their subsidiaries and affiliates.

These restrictions apply to both U.S. federal agencies and contractors. The concerns driving these restrictions stem from potential network security risks associated with such technology. However, the restrictions and limitations vary depending on the context and the products involved.

It is crucial to stay updated on the latest legislation. Consult relevant authorities for the most current information about any restrictions or bans on specific products.

Q. Are Milesight Products NDAA Compliant?

Milesight follows the rules of the National Defense Authorization Act. This means our security cameras meet the standards needed for US government projects and contracts. See our comprehensive list of NDAA-compliant products here.

Q: Why should businesses prioritize NDAA-compliant security systems?

Businesses should make NDAA-compliant security systems a priority. This is crucial for mitigating legal complications and ensuring the security and privacy of their surveillance data. Additionally, it helps uphold high standards of trustworthiness and reliability.

Q: How do NDAA-compliant cameras enhance security and privacy?

NDAA-compliant cameras boost security and privacy with strong features that stop unauthorized access and data breaches. These NDAA cameras typically employ advanced encryption techniques to safeguard the data they capture. They are also less likely to have backdoors or vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit.

Q: What Are the Penalties for Non-Compliance NDAA?

Penalties may include things like financial penalties, loss of government contracts, or damage to your business reputation.

Milesight NDAA Compliant Cameras

These cameras are NDAA compliant, meaning they meet the standards to install and use on government properties.

PTZ Series

The pan, tilt, and zoom capacities enable the monitoring of large areas with just one camera. These cameras can move in various directions to provide sweeping wide views and zoom in for details required.

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Panoramic Series

Milesight's AI panoramic surveillance solution is designed specifically for ultra-wide monitoring scenes. It offers a full 180°/360° panoramic viewing experience with up to 4K/12MP high resolution. It ensures complete awareness of the situation and captures mission-critical details.

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Pro Series

Milesight Pro Series cameras are tailored for organizations with high standards for quality, integration, design, and reliability in surveillance. They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of scenarios.

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Mini Series

The Mini Series Cameras combine ultra-mini size, stylish design, and easy installation. They offer top-notch megapixel video quality to ensure your security while complementing your sleek decoration taste.

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Road Traffic Management

Superior images, advanced AI Algorithms and customer-oriented solutions, Milesight fulfills your nedds on road traffic management

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Parking Management

The Milesight AIoT Indoor Parking Management Suite integrates AI Deep Learning, On-edge LPR, LoRa, and dual-ultrasonic technologies. The ingenious combination optimizes the parking process and enhances management efficiency significantly.

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