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An Ideal Match-A Reliable Security Solution For With Milesight Mini Cameras

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Organization: Location: Albania Industry Segment: Banking Milesight Partner: ALComm Related Products: Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera (MS-C5373-PB) Mini Bullet Network Camera(MS-C5363-PB) Vandal-proof Mini Bullet Network Camera(MS-C5364-PB) Pro NVR 5000 Series(MS-N5008-UPT & MS-N5016-UPT)


As a fairly young but rapidly developing financial organization, is committed to ongoing improvement of its approach to any security issues by fortifying its security defense system and making it possible to immediately control and resolve any incident on and outside its premises. In this case, Milesight cameras and NVRs have been installed in about 110 branches of with 5~6 cameras respectively for the bank security.

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Background - The Urgent Security Requirements is a financial institution providing a scope of financial services, including payday and consumer loans operating in emerging markets. Based on the proven experience in the industry and head office in Tirane the company aims to offer consumer finance and micro finance services to private individuals with the most convenient borrowing process for the customer. Only proactive deterrence and prevention mechanisms can ensure the best financial service quality.

Challenge - The Complicated And Changeable Environment

The office environments of financial institutions are the areas where clients queue to handle financial transactions. In this place, risks are greater since cash flows between the tellers and clients, and the clients are allowed to move as they like. It means that's top priority is to protect its employees, clients, money and valuable objects. As such, security solutions involving video surveillance cameras with access to both live and recorded footage are essential to the lending institution. High resolution is also necessary to provides effective evidence to facilitate dispute and issue resolution.

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Solution - Practically Meeting Customers' Need

Milesight Mini Surveillance Camera Series are featured by ultra-mini size, rich functionality and easy installation. The Mini Security Cameras not only aspire to protect your security with top-notch megapixel video quality, but also support live and recorded footage .

Mini Series - Tiny But Mighty

High Resolution - The security cameras with 140dB WDR can provide stunning image quality to obtain valid evidence when there are some disputes happening in bank.
Intelligent Monitoring - All cameras of Milesight support video content analysis, which is effective for banks to take action early to avert problems when someone suspicious appears in the lobby.
Ultra-low Bandwidth And Storage Requirement - Milesight cameras support H.265+ which saves 70%-80% bandwidth compared with H.264, providing continuous transmission, and smooth and high-quality images on a lower bandwidth.
Excellent Performance At Night - Milesight cameras are expected to provide high clarity, accurate color revivification, and particularly, low light performance for poor lighting conditions at nighttime. It means that banks' assets are under surveillance 24/7 effectively.

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Result - The Best-fit Choice And Dependence

Thanks to Milesight products' efficient performance levels,'s different branches saw enhanced security as they are now able to get access to immediate information needed for decision making due to the availability of footage over the network.

Milesight Vandal-proof Mini Dome Camera and Milesight Motorized Mini Bullet Camera