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The mussy and exposed cable junction, or complicated installation processes could be big problems influencing the user-experience. To make Milesight Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera a true customer-friendly product, the clamshell design junction box is introduced to simplify installation and tidy the cable connection.

What is Junction Box?

Junction box is a container for electrical connections, designed for concealing cable from sight and deter tampering. The small metal junction box is a part of an electrical conduit wiring system. Compare with a bunch of exposed electrical wires, the presence of the junction box achieves both practical functionality and esthetic pleasure. The general appearance of the box is either square or rectangular. Milesight Junction Box is made of ADC12 which features high tenacity and can bear tough strength.

Junction Box
Junction Box

How to install Milesight Junction Box?

Milesight Junction box includes a front and a rear covers for easy access to all electrical connections.

Step1: Firstly, fix a sticker on the position where the camera intended to be installed;


Step2: Install the rear cover on the wall of the position where the sticker fixed;

Install of Junction Box

Step3: Remove tension disc and put the cables through the rubber plug. Afterwards, fix the tension disc again and then connect the cables correctly. After finishing the above steps, connect the camera body with the front cover.

connect camera with juction box

Step4: Connect the front and rear cover on the left side so that the clamshell structure is formed. In the end, close the two covers and fix the screw to finish the installation.

screw junction box

Advantages of Junction Box

· Provide an easy way to install the cameras.
· Present a neater means of concealing electrical junction.
· Provide protection for the wiring interface.
· IP66-rated housing ensures water resistance to prevent power and signal faults due to water ingress at the connections.


The Junction Box shows strong functionality in simplifying installation, clearing up cable connection and resisting water and dust. The creative clamshell structure enlarges the space to make cable connection as easy as possible and reduces the unnecessary troubles when installing. And the IP66-rated housing protect the sensible electronic junction site from being damaged by water. The simple installation and successful running of the camera can not do without the supplementary of the Junction Box.

Applicable models:

Milesight 12x H.265+ Mini PoE PTZ Bullet Network Camera

Milesight H.265+ Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera

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